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Engineering: eBooks

Ebooks - Explained

Ebooks are digitally published books. Some ebooks are read on computers, phones, tablets, or dedicated ebook readers like Nooks and Kindles.

However, library ebooks are best opened and read on computers and laptops. At this time, downloading library ebooks is difficult or not an option.

Ebooks have a few advantages over traditional printed books including:

1. Available from anywhere with internet connection

2. No due date or late fines

3. Interactive capabilities - search inside with keywords, hyperlinked content

4. No need to check out or return a book from the library

5. Can easily print or email pages and chapters

6. Easier browsing of a single book or many books on a topic

Login to the Library

You will need to login to the library in order to view ebooks, library databases or your library account.

Borrower ID =
My.Seminole.State login name

last 4 digits of your social security number OR your student ID number

You can also view this 1 minute video tutorial on how to login or call 407.708.2618 for assistance.

Search the Library Catalog

For a more detailed search, use the Advanced Search option and limit to "Books" in the Material Type menu. Here are some suggested search terms for your projects:

Industrial Engineering Environmental Engineering Structural Engineering Biomedical Engineering
Chemical Engineering Aerospace Engineering Civil Engineering Electrical Engineering

How do I find an ebook?

The Seminole State Library has over 45,000 e-books that are available entirely online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In order to find e-books in the catalog, you can use the Advanced Search option and limit to e-books in the "Material Type" menu:

Additionally, if you perform a catalog search without the Advanced Search, you'll be able to narrow your results to e-books in the "Format" section of the "Refine My Results" column on the left of the results screen:

To access an e-book, you will need to use the "View Online" link and log in to the library's online resources. View a tutorial on logging in here.

Using Google Books

Google Books is a tool that allows you to search the contents of millions of books. Most books will not be available in their full text; many, though, will offer previews of the book, ranging from just a few pages to much of the book! For research purposes, often the preview option will provide enough information to address your research question. Some books offer either no preview or a snippet view, which will not allow you to view much text at all.

Use the search box below to begin searching Google Books