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Latin-American Humanities: Course Reserves

Course Reserves

Course Reserves are textbooks and other materials places on reserve by instructors or department representatives.

Most Reserves can be checked out for 2 hours and are for library use only.

Overdue Reserves incur a $2 per hour late fine.


Please be advised that the Seminole State Libraries support and act in accordance with the fair use provisions of the Copyright Act of 1976, Section 107, which permits the making of copies for classroom use if the four determining factors are considered and found to be in support of fair use.

Please see the Seminole State Library's Copyright and Fair Use page.

Reserves for Latin American Humanities

Media Reserves

Course Reserves Submission Form

Instructors may add materials, or request most library materials to be added, to our reserve collection. These materials are designated specifically for students in a particular course.

A Course Reserves Form must be filled out for each item placed on Reserves.