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Reference Manual

Types of Questions

These are five predefined library reference and common questions identified in a year-long audit of the reference questions asked through the Libanswer service. LAs and student workers would be expected to answer questions number 1,2,4, and 5. 

You have been asked a question? If the question fits in one of the following categories, please follow the instructions.


1. Basic reference questions:                                                                     
How to find book and journal articles in primo (when patrons have a title)
How to access list of library’s databases
How to Identify source types (books, articles, videos, ebooks, newspapers)
How to access course reserves
How do I get to this database?
Off campus access

 2.General/Directional library questions
How to use ILL request form
Renewal materials
Printer/scanner troubleshooting
Login as a guest
Add money to student account
Bookstore's questions
Directional questions ( SC, buildings, …)
Finding books in stack with call numbers, title, subject areas


3.Subject specific questions/questions requiring librarians to answer
Answer Basic questions and refer intensive one to librarians
Looking topics for research paper
Citation questions
Finding scholarly articles
Looking for a specific title of an article
Evaluating sources
Topic development

4. CTS related questions 
If a student has SSC account issues, please advise them to call/email the Helpdesk directly.
If a student has issues with a college laptop (checked out through the library), please advise the student to return it to the library and check out a different one. If students have concerns about their data, you can inform them that CTS will completely remove all data when they reinstall the operating system.
If a student has a question or issue that doesn’t fit into either of these two categories, and you don’t feel equipped to address it, the advised protocol would be for the library employee to contact the Help Desk via phone, email, or ticket, and then follow up with the student as advised by CTS.  It may be helpful to use this mediated method, as the information given by CTS can then be shared with other library employees who may encounter the same issue with a different student.

5. Academic success center questions 

Refer questions related to writing, reviewing, and tutoring to ASC.