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Research Foundations: Chapter 5 Self Quiz

Self-Quiz - Graphical Version

Take this short 6 question quiz to check your knowledge of the information in Chapter 5. After answering each question, click the Submit button to get feedback.

If you pass with a score of 80% or more, you can press the Print Results button for a printable version of the results*. If you don't get 80% your first try, no big deal! Just click the Retry Quiz button.

*Note - Flash must be enabled to use the Print Results button. Having trouble? Take a screenshot of your results page using the Print Screen button or Snipping Tool in Windows. On Macs, use the Shift-Command-3 on your keyboard. Then, paste the image in a Microsoft Word document for saving or printing.

Quiz not working? Try to view the quiz in your browser or try the text-based version of the quiz below.

Self-Quiz - Text-Based Version