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Research Foundations: Search the Library Catalog

Search the Catalog for Books, eBooks, & Media

The library online catalog allows you to search for books, e-books, music CDs, DVDs, streaming video, and other items related to your topic. Use the search box below to search for materials directly from this page.

You can access the library catalog from any Seminole State library page. Note that you have the option to use the Advanced Search link. This will afford you the greatest control over your results including choosing the material type (book, article, ebook, etc.), campus location, and year of publication of your results before searching.

It is a good idea to keep your search statements and keywords minimal when searching the catalog. Books and ebooks deal with broad topics so keep search statements and keywords broad as well. For example, "teenagers AND smoking AND cars AND health" is too specific for the library catalog. However, "teenagers AND smoking" will return results.

This 3-minute tutorial below will walk you through searching, limiting your results, locating, and accessing materials from the library.

Research Benefits of Books, eBooks, & Media

Books and ebooks are great for in-depth, yet relatively broad, coverage of your topic. Because of that, books can be a fantastic source of additional background information. Most scholarly books will address your topic from multiple angles, and some will even offer multiple viewpoints. Books and ebooks undergo a longer writing, editing, and publication process than other types of formats like academic journals, magazines, newspapers, and web content. While a book will not be the most current source of information, they are perfectly fine for topics that do not depend on the most recent research.

Media, including video and audio formats like CDs, DVDs, and streaming video, are an often-overlooked source of research. At Seminole State, we have a variety of popular and scholarly media and book sources. To locate books, ebooks, media and other items, your best option is to use the library catalog.