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Featured Books & eBooks - Climate Change


Lord, Nancy. Early Warming: Crisis and Response in the Climate-Changed North. (2011) - GF504.A4 L67

Wormworth, Janice. Winged Sentinels: Birds and Climate Change. (2011) - QL698.95 .W67

Berlatsky, Noah. Water & Ice. (2011) - QC903 .C68 

Black, Brian. Global Warming. (2010) - QC903 .B53

Reay, Dave; Pete Smith; & André van Amstel. Methane & Climate Change. (2010) - eBook

Philander, George (Ed.). Encyclopedia of Global Warming & Climate Change. (2008) - QC981.8.G56 E47

Walker, Gabrielle & Sir David King. Hot Topic: What We Can Do About Global Warming. (2008) - QC981.8.G56W35

Henderson, Mark. The 21st Century Environmental Revolution: A Comprehensive Strategy For Conservation, Global Warming, And The Environment / The Fourth Wave. (2008) - GE105 .H45 

Monbiot, George. Heat: How to Stop the Planet from Burning. (2007) - QC981.8.G56 M62

Gore, Albert. An Inconvenient Truth: The Planetary Emergency of Global Warming and What We Can Do About It. (2006) - QC981.8.G56 G67

Ehleringer, james; Thure Cerling; & M. Denise Dearing. History of Atmospheric CO2 & Its Effects on Plants, Animals & Ecosystems. (2005) - eBook

Field, Christopher & Michael Raupach. Global Carbon Cycle: Integrating Humans, Climate & the Natural World. (2004) - eBook

Alley, Richard. The Two-Mile Time Machine: Ice Cores, Abrupt Climate Change, and Our Future (Updated Ed.). (2000) - QC884 .A55

Christianson, Gale. Greenhouse: The 200-Year Story of Global Warming. (1999) - QC981.8.G56 C48


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Stoknes, Per Espen & Jorgen Randers. What We Think About When We Try Not to Think About Global Warming: Toward a New Psychology of Climate Action. (2015) - BF353.5.C55 S76

Howe, Joshua. Behind the Curve: Science and the Politics of Global Warming. (2014) - QC981.8.G56 H69

Guzman, Andrew. Overheated: The Human Cost of Climate Change. (2013) - QC903 .G895


Bruges, James. Biochar Debate: Charcoal's Potential to Reverse Climate Change and Build Soil Fertility. (2010) - S663 .B78

Lombardi, S.; L.K. Altunina; & S.E. Beaubien (Eds.). Advances in the Geological Storage of Carbon Dioxide: International Approaches to Reduce Anthropogenic Greenhouse Gas Emissions. (2006) - eBook


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