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Featured Books & eBooks - Ecology & Conservation


Delehanty, Randolph (Ed.). Crown Jewels: Five Great National Parks Around the World and the Challenges They Face. (2013) - SB481 .C76  

Balmford, Andrew. Wild Hope: On the Front Lines of Conservation Success. (2012) - QH75 .B266

Ladle, Richard & Robert Whittaker (Eds.). Conservation Biogeography. (2011) - QH75 .C657  

Miller, Debra (Ed.). Conserving the Environment. (2010) - TD170.15 .C67

Fraser, Caroline. Rewilding the World: Dispatches from the Conservation Revolution. (2009) - QH75 .F738

Hunter, Malcolm. Saving the Earth as a Career: Advice on Becoming a Conservation Professional. (2007) - S945 .H86

Dupler, Douglas (Ed.). Conserving the Environment. (2006) - TD170.3 .C66

Woodward, John & Jennifer Skancke (Eds.). Conserving the Environment. (2006) - GE300 .C633  

Tisdell, C. A. Economics of Environmental Conservation. (2005) - eBook

Uhl, Christopher. Developing Ecological Consciousness: Paths to a Sustainable Future. (2003) - QH541.U44

Warren, A. & J.R. French. Habitat Conservation: Managing the Physical Environment. (2001) - QH75 .H33

Jordan, Bill. Who Cares for Planet Earth?: The Con in Conservation. (2001) - GF41 .J665



Grey House Publishing. Environmental Resource Handbook. (2011) - Ref GE20 .E586  

Hoekstra, Jonathan (Ed.). Atlas of Global Conservation: Changes, Challenges, and Opportunities to Make a Difference. (2010) - S936 .A75

Carson, Rachel. Silent Spring. (1962) - QH545.P4 C38

Marsh, George. Man and Nature. (1864) - GF31 .M35


Web Resources

Security & Sustainability Forum. Searching for the Wild in the Age of Man. (2016)


Ghazoul, Jaboury. Tropical Rain Forest Ecology, Diversity & Conservation. (2010) - QH541.5.R27 G49    

Schelhas, John & Max Pfeffer. Saving Forest, Protecting People?: Environmental Conservation in Central America. (2008) -  SD414.C8 S34

Nina, K. N. (Ed.). Economics of Biodiversity Conservation: Valuation in Tropical Forest Ecosystems. (2007) - eBook

Kallen, Stuart (Ed.). Rain Forests. (2006) - QH541.5.R27 R355


Hacobsen, Rowan. Shadows on the Gulf: A Journey Through Our Last Great Wetland. (2011) - QH92.3 .J33

Wohl, Ellen. World of Rivers: Environmental Change on Ten of the World's Great Rivers. (2010) - GB1205 .W64

Fraser, Lauchlan & Paul Keddy (Eds.). World's Largest Wetlands: Ecology & Conservation. (2005) - QH541.5.M3 W67    



Hiscock, Keith. Marine Biodiversity Conservation: A Practical Approach. (2014) - QH91.8.B6 H57

Miller, Debra (Ed.). Biodiversity. (2013) - QH541.15.B56 B557 

Boleyn Fitzgerald, Miriam. Biodiversity. (2012) - QH541.15.B56 B67  

Barker, David. Loss of Biodiversity. (2011) - ANR QH75 .B27  

Gerdes, Louise (Ed.). Biodiversity. (2010) - QH541.15.B56 B566

Chivian, Eric & Aaron Bernstein. Sustaining Life: How Human Health Depends on Biodiversity. (2008) - QH541.15.B56 S96

Zeigler, David. Understanding Biodiversity. (2007) - QH541.15.B56 Z45

Spicer, John. Biodiversity: A Beginner's Guide. (2006) - QH541.15.B56

Lovejoy, Thomas & Lee Hannah (Eds.) Climate Change and Biodiversity. (2005) - QH541.15.B56 C62

Magurran, Anne. Measuring Biological Diversity. (2004) - QH541.15.B56 M34


Web Resources

Security & Sustainability Forum. Why Companies Should Care About Biodiversity. (2016)


Packer, Craig. Lions in the Balance: Man-Eaters, Manes, and Men with Guns. (2015) - QL737.C23 P32 

Barnosky, Anthony. Dodging Extinction: Power, Food, Money and the Future of Life on Earth. (2014) - QE721.2.E97 B37

Roman, Joe. Listed: Dispatches from America's Endangered Species Act. (2011) - QH76 .R64

Stirling, Ian. Polar Bears: The Natural History of a Threatened Species. (2011) - QL737.C27 S7266

Pittman, Craig. Manatee Insanity: Inside the War Over Florida's Most Famous Endangered Species. (2010) - QL737.S63 P58



Weber, Edward. Endangered Species: A Documentary & Reference Guide. (2016) - QH75 .W395

Mackay, Richard. Atlas of Endangered Species. (2008) - Ref QH75 .M285

Mackay, Richard. Penguin Atlas of Endangered Species. (2002) - QH75 .M24


Perez, Larry.Snake in the Grass: An Everglades Invasion. (2012) - QL666.O6 P3525

Perrings, Charles; Harold Mooney; & Mark Williamson (Eds.). Bioinvasions and Globalization: Ecology, Economics, Management, and Policy. (2010) - eBook

Coates, Peter. American Perceptions of Immigrant and Invasive Species: Strangers on the Land. (2006) - eBook

Mooney, Harold (Ed.). Invasive Alien Species: A New Synthesis. (2005) - QH353 .I5825

Baskin, Yvonne. A Plague of Rats and Rubbervines: The Growing Threat of Species Invasions. (2002) - QH353 .B28

Van Driesche, Jason. Nature Out of Place: Biological Invasions in the Global Age. (2000) - QH353 .V36

Mooney, Harold & Richard Hobbs (Eds.). Invasive Species in a Changing World. (2000) - QH353 .I59



Simberloff, Daniel & Marcel Rejmánek. Encyclopedia of Biological Invasions. (2011) - QH353 .E53


Benjamin, Alison. World Without Bees. (2009) - SF538.5.C65 B3

Halter, Reese. The Incomparable Honeybee & the Economics of Pollination. (2009) - QL568.A6 H35


Hendrix, Cullen & Marcus Noland. Confronting the Curse: The Economics and Geopolitics of Natural Resource Governance. (2014) - HC85 .H46

Ojha, Hermant; Andy Hall; & Rasheed Sulaiman (Eds.). Adaptive Collaborative Approaches in Natural Resource Governance: Rethinking Participation, Learning & Innovation. (2012) -  HC85 .A33

Wright Morton, Lois. Pathways for Getting to Better Water Quality: The Citizen Effect. (2011) - eBook

Hansen, Lara. Climate Savvy: Adapting Conservation and Resource Management to a Changing World. (2011) - S936 .H36

Nelson, Fred (Ed.). Community Rights, Conservation and Contested Land: The Politics of Natural resource Governance in Africa. (2010) - eBook

Sellars, Richard West. Preserving Nature in National Parks: A History. (2009) - SB482.A4 S44

Magoc, Chris. Environmental Issues in American History: A Reference Guide with Primary Documents. (2006) - GE150 .M338

Anderson, M. Kat. Tending the Wild: Native American Knowledge & the Management of California's Natural Resources. (2005) - eBook


Gardner, Toby. Monitoring Forest Biodiversity: Improving Conservation Through Ecologically Responsible Management. (2010) - eBook

Kimmins, Hamish. Forecasting Forest Futures: A Hybrid Modeling Approach to the Assessment of Sustainability of Forest Ecosystems and Their Values. (2010) - eBook

McDermott, Constance; Benjamin Cashore; & Peter Kanowski. Global Environmental Forest Policies: An International Comparison. (2010) - eBook

Bongers, Frans & Timm Tennigkeit. Degraded Forests in Eastern Africa: Management & Restoration. (2010) - eBook

Bauhus, Jürgen; Peter van der Meer; & Markku Kanninen (Eds.). Ecosystem Goods and Services from Plantation Forests. (2010) - eBook

Berger, John. Forests Forever: Their Ecology, Restoration and Protection. (2008) - SD143 .B46

Dudley, Nigel. Forest Quality: Assessing Forests at a Landscape Scale. (2006) - eBook

Wainhouse, David. Ecological Methods in Forest Pest Management. (2005) - eBook

Sayer, Jeffrey. Forests in Landscapes: Ecosystem Approaches to Sustainability. (2005) - eBook

Higman, Sophie et al. Sustainable Forestry Handbook: A Practical Guide for Tropical Forest Managers on Implementing New Standards. (2005) - eBook

McEvoy, Thomas. Positive Impact Forestry: A Sustainable Approach to Managing Woodlands. (2004) - eBook

Richardson, James. Bioenergy from Sustainable Forestry: Guiding Principles & Practice. (2002) - eBook


Danson, Ted & Michael D'Orso. Oceana: Our Endangered Oceans and What We Can Do to Save Them. (2011) - QH541.5.S3 D34 

Agardy, Tundi. Ocean Zoning: Making Marine Management More Effective. (2010) - eBook

Earle, Sylvia. World Is Blue: How Our Fate and the Ocean's Are One. (2009) - GC21 .E28

Mitchell, Alanna. Seasick: Ocean Change and the Extinction of Life on Earth. (2009) - GC1085 .M57

Gerdes, Louise (Ed.). Endangered Oceans. (2009) - GC1018 .E528

Kalland, Arne. Unveiling the Whale: Discourses on Whales and Whaling. (2009) - QL737.C4 K25

Day, Trevor. Oceans. (2008) - GC11.2 .D39

American Museum of Natural History. Ocean. (2006) - GC21.O23

Hutchinson, Stephen. Oceans: A Visual Guide. (2005) - GC21.H88



Hinrichsen, Don. Atlas of Coasts & Oceans: Ecosystems, Threatened Resources, Marine Conservation. (2011) - QH541.5.C65 H56 

Stow, Dorrik. Oceans: An Illustrated Reference. (2005) - GC11.2.S76


Veron, J. E. N. A Reef in Time: The Great Barrier Reef from Beginning to End. (2008) - QE566.G7 V47


Lück,Mark; Patrick Maher; & Emma Stewart. Cruise Tourism in Polar Regions: Promoting Environmental & Social Responsibility? (2010) - eBook

Dickinson, Janet (Ed.). Slow Travel & Tourism. (2010) - eBook

Erfurt-Cooper, Patricia & Malcolm Cooper. Volcano & Geothermal Tourism: Sustainable Geo-Resources for Leisure and Recreation. (2010) - eBook

Espejo, Roman (Ed.). What Is the Impact of Tourism? (2009) - G155.1 .W47

Honey, Martha. Eco-Tourism & Sustainable Development: Who Owns Paradise? (2008) - G156.5.E26 H66

Butcher, Jim. Ecotourism, NGOs and Development: A Critical Analysis. (2007) - eBook