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Sustainability & Renewable Energy

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Featured Books & eBooks - Culture, Ethics & Psychology


Cafaro, Philip & Eileen Crist (Eds.). Life on the Brink: Environmentalists Confront Overpopulation. (2012) - HB871 .L5195

Minteer, Ben. Nature in Common?: Environmental Ethics and the Contested Foundations of Environmental Policy. (2009) - eBook

Brand, Stewart. Whole Earth Discipline: An Ecopragmatist Manifesto. (2009) - GF41 .B77

Northcott, Michael. Moral Climate: The Ethics of Global Warming. (2007) - BT695 .5.N69

Gudorf, Christine. Boundaries: A Casebook in Environmental Ethics. (2003) - GE42 .G83  

Hay, Peter. Main Currents in Western Environmental Thought. (2002) - GE195 .H39

Howard, George. How Should I Live?: Psychology, Environmental Science and Moral Traditions. (2002) - BF353 .H69

Boylan, Michael. Environmental Ethics. (2001) - GE42 .B69


Web Resources

Security & Sustainability Forum. How Sustainable is Our Global Climate Ethos? (2017)


Matthew, Richard (Ed.). Global Environmental Change and Human Security. (2010) - GE149 .G553

Owen, David. Green Metropolis: Why Living Smaller, Living Closer, and Driving Less Are the Keys to Sustainability. (2009) - GF504.N7 O95 

McDonnell, Mark; Amy Hahs; & Jürgen Breuste. Ecology of Cities and Towns: A Comparative Approach. (2009) - QH541.5.C6 E278


Princen, Thomas. Treading Softly: Paths to Ecological Order. (2010) - eBook

 Ponting, Clive. New Green History of the World: The Environment and the Collapse of Great Civilizations. (2007) - GF75 .P66

Trainer, Ted. Renewable Energy Cannot Sustain a Consumer Society. (2007) - eBook

Zaccar, Edwin (Ed.). Sustainable Consumption, Ecology & Fair Trade. (2007) - eBook

Simms, Andrew. Ecological Debt: The Health of the Planet and the Wealth of Nations. (2005) - HC79.E5 S45

de Graaf, John; David Wann & Thomas Naylor. Affluenza: The All-Consuming Epidemic. (2005) -  HN60 .D396

Grunert, Klaus & John Thøgersen (Eds.). Consumer Policy and the Environment: A Tribute to Folke Ölander. (2005) - eBook

Myers, Norman. New Consumers: The Influence of Affluence on the Environment. (2004) - HD75.6 .M48

Brown, Douglas. Insatiable Is Not Sustainable. (2002) - HC79.E5B758


Terry, Beth. Plastic Free: How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can, Too. (2012) - TD196.P85T47


Payne, Oliver. Inspiring Sustainable Behaviour: 19 Ways to Ask for Change. (2012) - HB74.P8 P29

Lappe, Frances Moore. EcoMind: Changing the Way We Think, to Create the World We Want. (2011) - GE195 .L375 

Clayton, Susan & Susan Opotow (Eds.). Identity and the Natural Environment: The Psychological Significance of Nature. (2003) - eBook

Roszak, Theodore. Voice of the Earth: An Epxloration of Ecopsychology. (2001) - BD581 .R69

Metzner, Ralph. Green Psychology: Transforming Our Relationship to the Earth. (1999) - BF353.5.N37 M47

Miller, Alan. Environmental Problem Solving: Psychosocial Barriers to Adaptive Change. (1999) - GE300 .M55

Roszak, Theodore; Mary Gomes; & Allen Kanner. Ecopsychology: Restoring the Earth, Healing the Mind. (1995) - BF353.5.N37 E26


Mortimer-Sandilands, Catriona & Bruce Erickson (Ed.). Queer Ecologies: Sex, Nature, Politics and Desire. (2010) - eBook

Tong, Rosemarie. Feminist Thought: A More Comprehensive Introduction. (2009) - HQ 1206 .T65

Gaard, Greta Claire. Nature of Home: Taking Root in a Place. (2007) - HQ503 .G22    

Roughgarden, Joan. Evolution's Rainbow: Diversity, Gender, and Sexuality in Nature and People. (2004) - QH541.15.B56 .R68

Domosh, Mona. Putting Women in Their Place: Feminist Geographers Make Sense of the World. (2001) - HQ1150 .D65

Warren, Karen. Ecofeminism: Women, Culture, Nature. (1997) - HQ1233 .E23



Van Dyke, Fred. Between Heaven & Earth: Christian Perspectives on Environmental Protection. (2010) - eBook

Soko, Keith. Mounting East-West Tension: Buddhist-Christian Dialogue on Human Rights, Social Justice and a Global Ethic. (2209) - eBook

Carroll, John. Sustainability & Spirituality. (2004) - eBook

Oelschlaeger, Max. Caring for Creation: An Ecumenical Approach to the Environmental Crisis. (1994) - BT695.5 .O34  


Web Resources

Security & Sustainability Forum. The Ten Green Commandments of Laudato Si'. (2019)

Parliament of the World's Religions (PWR). The Climate Commitments Project.


Jones, Paula; David Selby; & Stephen Sterling. Sustainability Education: Perspectives and Practice Across Higher Education. (2010) - eBook

Blaze Corcoran, Peter & Arjen E.J. Wals (Eds.). Higher Education and the Challenge of Sustainability: Problematics, Promise, and Practice. (2004) - eBook


Web Resources

Earth Ethics Institute at Miami-Dade College. GSELS Course Modules & Lessons.

National Council for Science & Environment. Community College Handbook for Sustainability Education and Operations. (2018)

Beaudoin, Fletcher & Katja Brundiers. A Guide for Applied Sustainability Learning Projects. (2017)

Security & Sustainability Forum. Earth Ed – Rethinking Education on a Changing Planet. (2017)

Dyer, Georges & Jennifer Andrews. Higher Education's Role in Adapting to a Changing Climate. (2011)

Dawe, Gerald; Rolf Jucker & Stephen Martin. Sustainable Development in Higher Education: Current Practice and Future Developments Executive Summary. (2005)